Business Booster Tips

Some Free and Low Cost Ways To Increase Your Profits!

Today we’d like to cover some specific tactics you can use in your business to get more money in the bank. After all, that’s the purpose of you being in business, right?

Each of these Business Booster tips has the potential to revolutionise your business, whether you’re a restaurant, a retail shop or a service business.

Sit Down And THINK!

We’re starting with the most powerful tip of all. Most people get so busy working in their business they never work ON their business. Take a minute out, sit down with a pen and paper, and think about your business. What are you doing today? What could you do today? What should you do today? How could you change your business for the better? How can you look after your customers better? Next, schedule just 30-60 minutes a week to work ON your business, improving it bit by bit, and you’ll see what a difference it can make!

The Multi-Channel Approach

You should promote your business through multiple channels. Don’t just rely on a single method of getting new customers. Use leaflets, advertising, word-of-mouth, referral strategies, sales agents, radio, website, posters and more. Cross-promote with other, complimentary businesses. If you’re a hair dresser, ask the local chiropodist to drop off your leaflets, and you’ll drop off theirs in exchange.

Team Up With Other Businesses

Find local businesses that have the same clients or customers that you seek, and offer them a voucher they can use as a bonus for their clients. Do you need tourists? Go to the local car hire place and give them a discount voucher to give to all their rental car customers. They can then offer more value at no cost to them, which might give them an edge on their competitors, and you get more customers!

Note: this works MUCH better when given as a bonus during the sale, rather than a voucher people can pick up any time they walk in. Freely given discounts and offers are valued less than those that are attached to something else of value.

Ask For Action

Here’s a top tip: what you ask for you’ll get. And if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Ask for the sale. Most ads and leaflets promoting business just provide a statement or bullet point list of what’s on offer, with contact details. Ask the reader to call you now. Tell them to come to your shop. When they come inside, ask them for the sale! It can seem hard and unfriendly at first, but many customers would actually appreciate the help to make up their minds. We’re not saying you need to be pushy and do a hard sell, sometimes a simple ‘would you like to book an appointment now?’ will make a massive difference.

Promote Benefits

This is a great way to get more business. Stop promoting the product or service you offer, and start promoting the benefits instead. People don’t want a drill for the sake of having a drill. They want to make holes. So promote how easy the drill you are selling drill will make holes compared to other drills. Are you selling excursions? Promote how much fun it will be, or relaxing, or exciting, how everyone in the family will have a good time.

Once we were told by a hairdresser ‘But we’re just another hairdresser offering the same as the hairdresser next door!’ They didn’t take the advice and was out of business a few months later, whilst the hairdresser next door flourished.

Why? They promoted ‘haircuts’ whilst the hairdresser next door promoted ‘feeling good’ and ‘looking great’. Which one would you rather buy into?

Take Action!

We started by asking you to think, but just as important is to take action! If you never get around to promoting your business it won’t happen. If you are a week from having to close the business it’s probably too late already. So plan, and execute the plan, right now!

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