Importance of Headlines

How To Create Effective Headlines And Win More Business

Your headline it the most important aspect of ALL your marketing communications. Sales letters, brochures, adverts, even when customers enter your premises.

If your headline doesn’t appeal, your prospects will ignore you. If your headline doesn’t grab them, interest them, excite them, speak to them, sell to them – you’ll be ignored.

Let’s try a couple of examples:

“Woman gets a job in Los Cristianos”

Does that excite you? Does it grab you? Are you desperate to find out the story about a woman who gets a job in Los Cristianos, like so many others? Maybe it would evoke a vague feeling of curiosity, but that’s all.

“How A Housewife Made €250 For 5 Minutes Work in Los Cristianos!”

Are you more interested? Does this grab your attention a bit more? Well, if you’re well off and don’t need €250, possibly not. However, if you’re a housewife needing to make more money, it’s definitely going to grab you and you’ll want to read every single word!

Let’s be 100% clear about what a “headline” is. It’s not always the ‘big text’ at the top. Sometimes it can be a logo. Or it can be a picture. Or a graphic.

A headline is the first thing that grabs the reader’s attention. It’s what immediately stands out. And that piece must grab the attention of the reader.

One furniture shop changed their headline – instead of asking “can I help you?” (typical response: “oh, just looking”), they asked ‘what brought you in here today?”. Answers were now “I’m looking for a sofa”, “I want a dinner table” etc. Sales went drastically up as the salesperson could now start selling them what the customer wanted!

In fact, your headline provides 80% of your success in your marketing. It’s incredibly important. It truly can be the difference between a run-away success and mediocre performance or complete failures.

An ad ran with this headline: “Do you make mistakes in English”. It failed miserably. One word was added, just a single little word, and the ad ran successfully for 40 years and made over a hundred million in profits. A single word. What was it? Visit or call 902 789 660 to find out what that word was.

So, how do you create an effective headline? Here are some tips:

Prepare and research by identifying 4 key elements: target market, what you are promoting, the biggest benefits your product or service offers, and your prospect’s major frustration.

Learn all you can about your audience – why will they be interested in your products or services? Empathise with them, understand them, look at your products or services with their eyes.

Next, decide on your offer. Using your new-found understanding of them, what could you offer to solve their problems and frustrations? How can you present your benefits to them? Give them what they want, not what you think is best!

Write a straight-forward statement of your offer. ‘2 for 1 offer’, ‘Free Meal for 1 Child’, ‘English Food at Canarian Prices’, ‘Free Cushion With Every Duvet’.

Keep your headline clear and concise. Make it quick, easy to digest, and bite-sized. Refine it, rewrite it, and keep working it and testing it. Use words that resonate with your prospect.

Deliver your main message immediately. Don’t hide it, make it very obvious and visible. Capture the reader’s attention quickly. You only have 1-3 seconds to entice your prospects with your headline.

The single, most important task of any headline is to get noticed. Stand out from the crowd. Make them want to read the rest of your marketing literature to find out more.

Use your headlines at the top of every ad, leaflet, brochure, poster and all of your marketing communication.

Have a SYSTEM for headlines – test different types, use different words, different phrases. See what grabs your prospect. Test what makes them buy your product or service.

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Next week you’ll discover the importance of ‘Find Out, After The Break!’

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