It’s Your Own Fault

Yes, absolutely. Let me reiterate that: It’s Your Own Fault that you aren’t more successful. It’s your own fault you are struggling in your business.

If you don’t believe me, let me ask you who you can really blame. Your suppliers? Your customers? Your staff? No, they haven’t all conspired to wreck your business!

I can tell you that others in your local area are doing well, despite them having the same customers, the same suppliers and the same kind of staff.

Let me explore this a bit more. If your staff are the problem, why are you letting them be a problem? Either do something about them or YOU are the problem!

If you blame your suppliers – change them! If it’s your customers then you can change them too!

This week we interviewed Gary Blade from Star of Asia – he’s an entrepreneur who doesn’t blame anyone else for any problems, instead he makes changes in his business until everything works the way he wants it. When he gets a customer in his new bar, Raffles, that doesn’t fit the profile he wants, he will ask them to leave. Don’t try turning up in a tank top and shorts, or have unruly kids who can roam all over the place; you’ll be told to leave.

If you have low spending customers who aren’t spending enough, then you can change your customer base as well to find those who are willing to pay for your products or services.

Sometimes it takes guts to do, and sometimes you have to make radical changes in your business, but it’s definitely possible.

So rather than complain about people not spending as much money as before, accept it’s your fault you’re not attracting the money people have to spend, and change your business until people WILL spend it with you.

Here are a couple of real examples where the lack of business and profits is definitely down to the owners. Let me also be clear – sometimes it’s the staff who are not performing, but that again is down to the owner not doing the proper training or keeping control of their staff. And sometimes the owner just doesn’t know any better – but that is still their own fault for not learning the business properly!

I went with my family to a Chinese buffet in Los Cristianos a short while ago. Everything is included, including ice cream, coffee and cakes. The only thing they charge for is drinks! So doesn’t it make sense to keep an eye on the table and ask your customers if they want more drinks when they finished their first drinks halfway through the meal?

Not only didn’t anyone ask – I could not even see the waitress to ask them! In the end I walked up to the till, and the waitress was having a chat with the chef in the back. If she had asked us in a timely manner we would possibly have had a third round of drinks, and they probably make around €1.50 per drink. That’s €6 – €12 of pure profit they potentially lost on us. If this is a regular occurrence they could easily be leaving €100 or more a night in their customers’ pockets. That could easily add up to several thousand euros a month!

Then there’s the little bar you walk in to that reeks of beer from the night before, the bar itself has sticky patches, the toilets are disgusting and broken, and the bin is overflowing with dirty paper from previous users. And the owners complain about how bad business is nowadays…

Well, I’m not here to sugarcoat anything – if that describes your bar then how can you possibly complain about the lack of customers and not think it’s your fault?

My message here isn’t about doom and gloom though, it’s about how to make things better in your business. My point is, until you understand you’re the one in charge, that it’s down to you and no-one else, nothing will change at all.

So what can you do about it?

First you need to be prepared to take a look at your business with fresh eyes. Go around to other business like yours – if you’re a bar owner go to other bars. But not just to any bars – go to bars that are popular, where people spend money!

Take a good look at what they’re doing in their bars – how do they treat their customers? What does it look like? What do they charge? How are people greeted?

Look for the small touches – how are menus presented? What do the waiters say when you order? How comfortable are the chairs? What is the lighting like? How is it being served? With a smile or something extra?

Then go back to your bar – and pretend to be a customer. Look at it from their perspective. Be extremely critical! Don’t just sit down and think “everything’s perfect!” – really look around and observe. Look at the small details – how are people greeted? Do you pay attention to your customers in a similar way? Is everything clean? How is your signage? Are all lights working? Look at all aspects of your business!

If you think your staff are to blame, then change what they do, or if that fails, fire them and hire new employees who will listen to your instructions.

On our website you’ll find a checklist of things you should consider improving in your business – it’s well worth downloading and use as a reminder when you look at your own business in more detail!

But whatever you do – don’t blame others, instead you should take responsibility and be aware that it’s up to you to change your luck, your business and your life!

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