How To Massively Convert And Close More Sales

Using tools in your selling process makes you much more effective!

If you take sales calls over the phone, you’ll find a “Prompter” one of the most powerful tools you can use.

The Prompter is a single sheet script you use when taking enquiries, whether over the phone or in person. Sounds simple – but this script is incredibly effective.

One business reported that their conversion rate went from 2 sales out of 10 enquiries to an incredible 8 out of 10.

This strategy works particularly well for companies in a highly competitive environment where customers are price sensitive and tend to shop around.

First of all, you must realise a very, very important point. I cannot stress this point enough.

You are an expert in your field – 99% of your customers are not.

If your customers were experts, why would they use you?

In fact, most customers don’t know how to tell a good service from a bad one. Sometimes customers can evaluate results and see it’s not working – and sometimes they are even unable to tell afterwards!

Your task: educate your customers why your service is the right and only choice.

A key point: don’t reveal the price or the details of your service until you tell the prospect exactly what your service will do for them and why they must choose you. You first need to convince them they need you, only you, and nobody comes close to providing the service you do!

You can also use the Prompter to record prospect responses to key questions. Using their responses in your sales pitch you increase the effectiveness of your selling drastically.

Let’s look at an example.

Say you are in the paving business. You get a telephone enquiry from a prospect who wants a new driveway. During your questioning you find out the prospect is worried: “how long will the paving last?” You happen to offer a 5 year guarantee.

In your conversation, before you reveal the cost, you would say: “I understand you are worried about how long the paving will last. We offer an unprecedented 5 year guarantee to give you peace of mind. This means that if your driveway is damaged in any shape or form we’ll come and repair it for you for free”.

You must tell the prospect precisely what a feature – 5 years guarantee – means to them. Remember, the prospect is busy listening to you and formulating other questions – they haven’t got time to think “hmmm, what does a 5 year guarantee actually mean?” When you explain exactly what it means, the prospect does less mental work, making it much easier to decide to go with you.

Of course, you may need to visit the prospect before providing a quote. If so, use the Prompter to ensure you get an appointment and to position yourself as a preferred supplier before your visit.

The Prompter should be used by all your sales staff – and can also be used in field sales.

If you or your staff visit clients, create a Prompter in the guise of an order form or “work acceptance”” form. List probing questions that uncover needs or wants and prompts field staff to ask if the client would like to buy a suitable product or service.

For instance, a handyman running a decorating business uses such a list to offer security fencing, clearance, tree surgery and patios as well as internal work such as painting and repairs.

A security company uses their list to sell alarms for a business, security cameras, time-lapse recorders, and also security alarms for the homes of the business owners and management staff.

The Prompter turns a call into a structured process – rather than relying on you or your staff remembering everything every time, it makes the process smoother, it makes you seem more professional and enables you to see better where your process can be improved to convert more customers or clients.

The Prompter is simple – and profitable.

Making your advertising and marketing effective doesn’t have to be difficult or costly – if you’d like help, call Jennie on 902 789 660 now!

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