Sell Using Brochures

15 Profit Boosting Ideas, Tips & Techniques To Help You Gain Maximum Marketing Value From Every Brochure!

A powerful brochure is one of the most effective marketing tools any business could have, particularly for businesses here in Tenerife. It’s an excellent opportunity to deliver important information about your company, products or services, and is small and handy to pick up and read, and keep for later!

A typical brochure format offers you plenty of room to provide everything you need to say to attract attention for your business and what you offer. With brochures coming in varying sizes, shapes and forms you have as much space as you need to present a compelling marketing message.

A standard high-quality tri-fold brochure is affordable to print, yet when properly designed delivers a high impact impression that’s virtually unbeatable in terms of value.

One great aspect of brochures is that many people actually welcome them. Especially tourists who are on holiday, but also people in their day-to-day business will actively pick up brochures.

They are easy to read, can contain a lot of information, they are handy to pick up, take virtually no space, can easily be folded to fit into any bag or handbag, and are easy to discard later. Compare this to a folder, or A4 sheets, or small business cards, and you’ll see what I mean.

Here are some handy tips, designed to help you get maximum value out of your brochure. Pick and choose those most appropriate for your business!

1. Hand your brochure over at the same time as you hand over your business card. The brochure is a natural extension, introducing your business in much more detail. Share what’s important about your product and service.

2. Include at least one brochure with every purchase, and encourage your customers or clients to pass them on to friends or associates who would benefit from your products or services.

3. Give a brochure to existing customers – maybe you are offering something they didn’t know about, but needed? One printer did business cards for a company – but the company didn’t realise that printer could print their 50,000 catalogues twice a year, until they received a brochure promoting this service!

4. Look for distribution opportunities everywhere. Local bars and restaurants, shopping centres, local shops, car hire places, hotels etc.

5. Always keep a supply of your brochures handy – in the car, briefcase or handbag, in your daily planner, in the office, at home. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to let others know what you offer!

6. Brochures are often kept for a long time, if they contain information of value!

7. Use brochures to capture contact information – provide an offer so the reader contacts you, even if they aren’t ready to buy, so you can get their contact details and market your products or services to them later!

8. Use your brochure to reinforce your positive image. Help your market to think of you first when they want your products or services.

9. Evoke an emotional response, and chances are they’ll keep your brochure for longer, and more people will act. Be very aware of your marketing message and ensure it’s designed for maximum impact. Emotions means people get more involved, feel more involved, and are more likely to contact you.

10. Use your brochure as an ice-breaker. A well thought-out piece will encourage people to ask you questions, and finding out more about you, taking the pressure off yourself.

11. Create different brochures for different purposes. One leaflet might introduce yourself and your services, and other goes into much more detail of one particular service.

12. Answer Frequently Asked Questions, and Objections, in your brochure. Things people may be wondering but hesitant to ask. A brochure is a great way to help convince people to buy your products or services.

13. Doing sales presentations? Always leave a brochure to reinforce the message, with key points and ‘reasons why’ they should be doing business with you and not your competitors.

14. Design your cover to have a visual “grabber” – something that grabs the attention of your prospect and draws them to pick up the brochure and start reading!

15. Show pictures of happy clients using your product or service – make your prospect understand that they can be a “happy user” as well. When they see people like themselves benefiting from your product and service, their natural resistance starts breaking down and making it much more likely you get the sale!

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